White minibus labeled "Transporte Estatal" parked on a street at night with a motorcycle nearby and colorful lights in the background.

Shocking Armed Robbery in Cancún: Passengers Robbed!

In Cancún, a van was the scene of an armed robbery on the evening of May 1st. The passengers were stripped of their belongings by two criminals who had initially posed as fellow passengers. The incident took place around 8:00 p.m. on López Portillo Avenue, near Regions 102 and 98.

The robbers boarded the van, which was part of the State Land Transport company fleet with the number 778, and appeared to be ordinary passengers. At some point during the journey, they brandished guns and instructed the driver to continue along the route. After a few minutes, they began threatening the passengers and took their possessions.

The criminals disembarked in front of the "Shhh" motel before disappearing into the city's dark streets.

Following the incident, the victims immediately contacted the emergency services via the 911 hotline. Personnel from the Secretariat of Citizen Security and Investigation Police officers were swiftly on the scene. They initiated an operation in the area in an attempt to locate the criminals.

The full extent of the stolen items is still unknown. However, it has been confirmed that the passengers were robbed of their cellphones, watches, and wallets.

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