A tranquil beach scene with people walking along the shore, palm trees, and clear blue skies.

Akumal Bay Booms in Low Season – Sargassum Free!

This year, Akumal's aquatic activities are proving to be productive, even in the low season. This success is due to the combined efforts of permit holders who strive to provide visitors with an unforgettable experience, coupled with the natural beauty and ecotourism of the area. The lack of sargassum seaweed has also contributed to the area's appeal.

Manuel Jiménez Aguilar, a veteran of the aquatic tours industry with over 30 years of experience, noted that everyone involved is committed to maintaining the high-quality service and impeccable image of the destination. This dedication has resulted in a steady stream of repeat visitors who return to enjoy the wonders of Akumal Bay. Currently, operations are running at 60 to 70 percent of their total capacity, an impressive figure for this time of year.

Despite some sargassum arriving in the past two weeks, the bay remains pristine. The community quickly organized to manage the seaweed, ensuring the bay's beauty was not compromised. Aguilar pointed out that while other destinations face more competition, Akumal has certain limitations that help to soften the impact of the low season.

While foreign tourists are currently visiting, there is hope that Mexican visitors will also travel to Akumal in the summer, providing an additional economic boost. Aguilar added that the holiday season from July to August tends to be more profitable than the winter vacations.

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Visitors to Akumal can enjoy sea turtle sightseeing on boats or swimming circuits, as well as sport fishing trips. All activities are conducted with the necessary permits and in compliance with the rules of the National Commission of Natural Protected Areas (Conanp).