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“Aguakan’s Environmental Pledge: Saving Quintana Roo with Sustainable Initiatives”

In honor of World Environment Day, Aguakan, a prominent company in Quintana Roo, is renewing its dedication to environmental conservation. The company's efforts include a variety of initiatives designed to promote responsible use of natural resources.

Aguakan has a long-standing commitment to environmental education and water conservation. The company not only takes direct measures to protect the environment in its operations, but since 2015, it has also launched over 20 environmental education programs. These initiatives have engaged the community and encouraged active participation in environmental preservation.

These programs include a water tank donation scheme, a water tour, a water rally, sustainable home initiatives, health campaigns, and the cleaning of urban beaches and cenotes. In 2023 alone, these efforts positively impacted more than 46,619 people, bringing the total number of beneficiaries to 273,459 since the programs began.

In its ongoing commitment to the environment, Aguakan ensures that 100% of wastewater is treated, providing a safe and pollution-free environment for over a million residents of Quintana Roo. The company is also dedicated to the long-term sustainability of the municipalities in which it operates, a crucial consideration for future generations.

Aguakan has been recognized as one of the few companies in its sector with a strong social and environmental focus. It has received the Distinction as a Socially Responsible Company seven times in a row.

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This World Environment Day, Aguakan reaffirms its position as a leader in environmental preservation and education, underscoring its commitment to both the local community and the planet.