Passengers queue up to board a red bus at a modern bus station with a sleek design. People are carrying luggage, indicating they might be on a long-distance journey. There is a mix of individuals and groups, highlighting diverse travel experiences.

New Title: ADO’s Summer Surge: More Routes, More Passengers!

ADO, a prominent bus company, operates approximately 9,000 daily services from the Cancún station to various destinations. The Cancún terminal alone handles around 5,000 passengers each day, both incoming and outgoing.

The company experienced a 3 to 5% rise in passenger volume during the recent Easter holiday period compared to the previous year. This increase is viewed as a positive sign of recovery. Furthermore, ADO has boosted the services connecting Cancún with its International Airport by 10% since March.

With the summer vacation season on the horizon, ADO anticipates a further increase of up to 7% in its operations. In an effort to encourage public engagement in the upcoming electoral process, ADO has partnered with the Electoral Institute of Quintana Roo (Ieqroo). They will set up informational stands at their terminals.

Maisie Lorena Contreras Briceño, an electoral advisor at Ieqroo, stated that the initiative aims to motivate Quintana Roo's residents to vote on June 2. Additionally, the stands will provide information on identifying, preventing, and reporting electoral crimes.

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