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“27-Day Battle: Firefighters Fight On in Playa del Carmen”

Firefighters are currently struggling to control six forest fires in Solidaridad, Mexico. The most persistent blaze is located in Villas del Sol and Pescadores, where efforts to extinguish the fire have been ongoing for 27 days.

Jorge Alberto Vázquez Oropeza, Secretary of Civil Protection, Risk Prevention and Firefighters, revealed that over 420,000 liters of water have been used in the firefighting efforts. Between 33 and 38 personnel are consistently on site.

The team includes members from the Secretary of National Defense (Sedena), Navy, Civil Protection, and Firefighters. Despite their relentless work, some fires have been rekindled either naturally or intentionally after being put out.

The priority is given to fires that pose a threat to populated areas or risk facilities such as gas stations and fuel depots. Firebreaks have been expanded in these areas for containment purposes.

Due to safety concerns for the firefighters, operations are halted at night. This has extended the duration of the firefighting efforts to almost a month, with the fire still not completely extinguished.

A group of volunteers has offered to assist, but their lack of firefighting knowledge could potentially hinder the progress. Vázquez Oropeza appreciates the gesture, suggesting that those willing to help could lay down lines under the supervision of the firefighters.

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Assistance from other organizations such as Conafor or State Civil Protection has been sought. However, due to other larger fires across the state, help has not been forthcoming. "We requested helicopter assistance, but they are attending to other fires. Even Conafor has not been able to help because it has a fire of more than 20,000 hectares," Vázquez Oropeza explained.

He expressed gratitude for the donations of water from the public for the personnel working in the disaster area.