A woman in a decorated blouse smiles as she holds an award and a certificate of recognition in a hall filled with seated people.

Yucatecan Teacher Wins Prestigious Award at National Palace

Silvia Beatriz Springer Franco, a seasoned English teacher with over 40 years of service, was recently recognized at the National Palace's Teacher's Day commemorative ceremony. She was awarded the Ignacio Altamirano medal by President Andrés Manuel López Obrador, in the presence of Leticia Ramírez Amaya, the head of the Public Education Secretariat (SEP), and Alfonso Cepeda Salas, the leader of the SNTE. This honor was bestowed on her as a representative of all Yucatecan teachers.

Springer Franco dedicated over 40 years to teaching English to children and teenagers, with her career culminating at the “Miguel Barrera Palmero” Secondary School in Tizimín, Yucatán. Upon learning she was chosen to represent Yucatán, she expressed her commitment to honor the work of her fellow Yucatecan teachers, emphasizing her dedication and passion for education.

She stated, “I feel incredibly honored to represent my colleagues from Yucatán. What sets us apart as teachers is our love for what we do. We take joy in our work, and this is reflected in the lessons we impart to our students.”

Born to a North American father and a Yucatecan mother, Springer Franco knew from a young age that she wanted to teach English. Her fluency in the language made it easy for her to help friends who needed assistance. At the age of 22, in 1983, she began her teaching career, imparting valuable lessons to students at Basic, Superior, and Upper Secondary levels, while continually adapting her teaching methods to best meet her students' needs.

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Springer Franco stressed the importance of understanding students' emotional needs, saying, “Teachers of new generations need to be able to identify the emotional needs of children and adolescents. When someone feels good and happy, they are more eager to learn.”

She also expressed gratitude to the Ministry of Education of the Government of Yucatán (Segey) for recognizing the work of educators who inspire and shape individuals that contribute positively to society.

She concluded with a message for her fellow educators, “We must never view teaching as an obligation. We need to approach it with love, embrace the challenges, and be willing to modify our teaching styles to optimize the knowledge we impart to our students.”