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Yucatan’s Heat Crisis: Ranks 5th in Mexico!

Yucatan has seen a significant increase in heat-related illnesses, moving from the eleventh to fifth position among Mexican states most affected by extreme temperatures. This is according to a report by the Ministry of Health of Mexico (SSA), which states that between May 12 and 21, the state recorded an uptick in heat-related illnesses.

The states with higher numbers of heat-related illnesses are Tabasco, with 178 cases; Veracruz, with 130 cases; Nuevo Leon, with 85 cases; and Tamaulipas, with 81 cases. Yucatan reported 60 cases during the same period.

The heat season in Mexico typically spans from week 12 to 40 each year. In Yucatan, 41 people have suffered from heat stroke and 19 from dehydration from week 12 to 20. Prior to week 19 (May 5 to 11), Yucatan had reported 26 cases of heat-related illnesses, including 23 heat strokes and 3 cases of dehydration.

Between May 12 and 21, Yucatan saw 34 new cases of heat-related illnesses. Of these, 18 were heat strokes and 16 were cases of dehydration. This represents a 1.3 times increase in heat-related illnesses in week 20 compared to the previous week. On average, three people in Yucatan are falling ill from extreme heat each day, with two suffering from heat stroke and one from dehydration.

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During this period, Yucatan experienced temperatures of up to 45 degrees Celsius. On May 17, Merida set a new record with an air temperature of 44.2°C. The following day, the heat was so intense that it was likened to conditions in Death Valley, recognized as the hottest place on Earth. Despite these extreme conditions, no deaths have been recorded in Yucatan due to high temperatures as of week 20.

Nationally, cases of heat-related illnesses increased by 42.6% from 670 to 956 individuals between week 19 and 20. This means that between May 12 and 21, approximately 28 or 29 people per day were put at risk due to extreme heat. As of May 21, Mexico has seen a total of 615 cases of heat stroke, 313 cases of dehydration, and 28 cases of sunburn.

Regarding fatalities, the SSA reports that 22 people have died from extreme heat in Mexico during week 20.