A damaged white van with significant front-end collision damage on a roadside, airbags deployed, no people visible in the image.

Van Driver Trapped in Playa Del Carmen Truck Collision

A private van collided with a truck on Federal Highway 307 between Playa Del Carmen and Puerto Morelos on Monday morning, resulting in serious injuries for the van driver. The accident was reported to the 911 emergency services just before 11:00 am, near the Iberostar hotel.

The driver of the van was trapped in the wreckage of the vehicle. The Heroic Fire Department and Civil Protection arrived at the scene and began the rescue operation. After some time, they managed to free the driver from the wreckage.

The driver was then transported to a local hospital for medical treatment. Preliminary reports suggest that the van driver, who was speeding, failed to brake in time and collided with the water truck.

Local authorities are investigating the incident to determine who was at fault. Both vehicles involved in the accident were towed to a local impound lot.

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