“Shocking Law Proposal: US to Confiscate Mexican Insured Properties!”

US lawmakers are advocating for a new law that would seize properties insured by the Mexican government within US borders.

The proposed legislation aims to allow US authorities to seize properties purchased with funds obtained through illicit activities and subsequently confiscated by the Mexican government. This measure is intended to prevent these properties from being returned to their original owners.

The initiative is spearheaded by Senator Bob Menéndez and Representative José Serrano, with the goal of bolstering cooperation between the US and Mexico in combating corruption and organized crime.

The proposed law, known as "No Claim Until the Hostage Is Released", seeks to prevent the return of insured assets in Mexico to their owners until legal investigations are completed and the legality of the assets is confirmed.

Senator Menéndez emphasized that the legislation aims to prevent the return of properties to individuals involved in corruption or organized crime. The law also seeks to communicate that the United States will not tolerate corruption or impunity.

Various human rights groups and organizations focused on transparency and accountability have endorsed the legislation, viewing it as a crucial measure in the fight against corruption and impunity in Mexico.

The proposed law is currently progressing through the US legislative process. With bipartisan support, it is expected to advance in the coming months.