us citizen arrested with handgun

U.S Citizen Detained at Police Checkpoint After Insulting Police

The man in question was detained after insulting police officers and in his belongings they found a firearm.

PLAYA DEL CARMEN – Quintana Roo State Police officers managed to detain a foreign man carrying a firearm and live ammunition cartridges, after stopping his vehicle at a police checkpoint in the Municipality of Solidaridad.

us citizen arrested with handgun

According to information gathered, the subject, driving a Porsche, acted suspiciously when passing through the police filter south of the Playa del Carmen. The officers proceeded to pull him aside to ask him some questions.

It was at that moment when the man insulted the police officers in Spanish and was immediately asked to get out of his vehicle for a search. Up to that moment, the search was completely routine, however inside his fanny pack they found a handgun with no documentation to prove possession.

The agents then secured Joe “N”, 41 years of age and originally from the United States, along with the pistol, a magazine with six live cartridges and another magazine with 10 cartridges. All were placed in the possession of the authorities and the suspect was detained and called to answer for the crime of violating the Federal Firearms and Explosives Law.

Source: MEGA News

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