Two different photographs of white trucks overturned on the side of the road, in daylight and twilight settings, against a backdrop of roadway and nature.

Puerto Aventuras Highway Chaos: Trailer Plunge Causes Major Traffic Jam

A trailer accident on the morning of Monday, May 13, caused significant traffic congestion on Federal Highway 307 after it fell from a bridge in Puerto Aventuras. The National Guard was dispatched to the scene to oversee the vehicle's recovery, which was eventually accomplished with the aid of a crane.

Thankfully, the trailer's driver was not seriously injured in the incident. Arrangements are currently being made with the insurance company to address the damage caused by the accident. The incident resulted in substantial traffic congestion, particularly along the route from Hard Rock to Tulum.

Authorities are encouraging drivers to exercise caution when traveling through the area, as heavy traffic is expected to continue even after the recovery operations have concluded. Despite the severity of the accident, the driver did not sustain serious injuries. Paramedics examined him at the scene and determined that his minor injuries did not necessitate a transfer to Playa del Carmen hospital.

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