A police pick-up truck with the number 6683 labeled 'POLICIA ESTATAL' parked on a beachside promenade during sunset, with palm trees and people in the background.

Tragedy Strikes: Man Drowns at Progreso Beach

A fun-filled Sunday at Progreso beach took a tragic turn when a man drowned in the sea. The incident, which occurred at around 5:00 pm, sparked panic among several families who immediately sought help from the police.

Eyewitnesses reported seeing a man, believed to be in his forties, struggling in the water. His distance from the shore and apparent intoxication seemed to exacerbate his difficulties.

The tragedy unfolded near the Meteorite Museum, just a few meters from the only surveillance post on the traditional promenade. Unfortunately, there were no lifeguards on duty at the time. The man's body washed ashore, prompting a response from state and municipal public safety departments.

The incident drew a crowd of onlookers, leaving many with a negative impression of the popular tourist spot.

Emergency medical teams arrived on the scene, but there was little they could do. The man had already lost his vital signs, likely due to water in his lungs after battling the tide. The man's identity remained unknown at the scene. The task of identifying him has been handed over to the State Investigation Police, who arrived to take statements from witnesses.

Witness accounts suggest the man had been seen wandering alone along the stretch from the international to the traditional promenade, and appeared to be under the influence of alcohol.