Satellite image of weather systems over Mexico indicating cold fronts, low pressure channels, and tropical waves on May 27, 2024.

Scorching Heat Wave Hits Mexico, Tropical Showers in Northeast – Quintana Roo Forecast

Mexico is currently experiencing its third heat wave of the season due to an anticyclonic circulation at mid-atmospheric levels. It's anticipated that maximum temperatures will surpass 45°C in several regions throughout the day.

In contrast, the northeastern part of the country is expected to see showers and intense localized rainfall. This is due to the interaction of a dry line and a low-pressure channel with the subtropical jet stream. These weather conditions may also bring about electrical discharges and hailstorms.

Strong wind gusts are also forecasted in various regions across the country, adding to the diverse weather patterns.

For Quintana Roo specifically, the afternoon is predicted to be partly cloudy. There may also be isolated showers, so residents should be prepared for potential rainfall.

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