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Unveiling Mexico’s Ecocide: The Dark Truth Behind ‘The White Guard’

'The White Guard' is a term used to describe criminal groups funded by large corporations. Their main goal is to suppress protests defending the rights and resources of indigenous communities. Filmmaker Julien Elie discovered the existence of these groups across Mexico and decided to delve deeper into this phenomenon.

The film focuses on the stories of Roberto de la Rosa and Julian Carrillo, two activists who dedicated their lives to opposing corporate exploitation. De la Rosa has spent his life fighting against the Salaverna mine in Mazapic Zacatecas. Carrillo, on the other hand, was murdered in 2018 for his opposition to the displacement of the Tarahumara people from Coloradas de la Virgen in Chihuahua. These two narratives form the backbone of 'The White Guard', a documentary recently released in Mexico.

Elie's interest in this topic was sparked while filming 'Black Suns'. During the production, he came into contact with farmers who were under threat from corporations for defending their local rivers and forests. This experience led him to explore the complex issue of ecocide and territorial devastation.

Elie sought to understand the dynamics of this illegal phenomenon, questioning whether it was driven by corporations, corrupt officials, criminal groups, or a combination of all three. His aim was to immerse himself in these communities, sharing their experiences and bringing their stories to light.

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