Accumulation of seaweed on a beach with 'Prohibido el Paso' tape, indicating restricted access.

Shocking Find: Suspected Cocaine Stash Uncovered on Cozumel Beaches

The National Guard and the Secretary of National Defense have discovered seven packages of what is believed to be cocaine on two beaches in the eastern part of Cozumel island.

The first discovery was made during a routine patrol when authorities found three rectangular packages adorned with an eagle image. These packages were located amongst the sargasso seaweed on the shoreline of Playa Tortugas beach.

In a separate discovery, authorities found four similar packages on Punta Chiqueros beach.

Preliminary investigations suggest that the eagle image on the packages is a sign that they belong to a Central American criminal organization.

Following the discoveries, the packages were seized and handed over to the relevant authorities for further investigation.

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