sargassum collection in playa del carmen

Solidaridad Municipality Continues Ongoing beach Cleaning Efforts

The Municipalityhas collected a total of 16,388.39 tons of seaweed from the beach area since the beginning of this year.

PLAYA DEL CARMEN – Faced with the atypical arrival of sargassum that has occurred in the municipality in recent months, the the Municipal Government of Solidaridad, headed by President Laura Beristain Navarrete, has collected a total of 16,388.39 tons of seaweed from the beach area since the beginning of this year. These efforts have contributed to significantly reducing the negative effects on the tourist sector caused by sargassum on the beaches.

sargassum collection in playa del carmen

The Directorate of the Federal Maritime Terrestrial Zone (ZOFEMAT), carries out daily manual cleaning of the beaches with the participation of 150 workers aided by light machinery. Thanks to these efforts, in July alone, 3,701.36 tons of sargassum were collected from the beaches. During the first days of August, 389.80 tons have been removed already.

Marco Loeza Pacheco, Director of ZOFEMAT in Solidaridad, mentioned that currently the municipality is classified in the yellow traffic light due to the 60-70 tons of the macro algae that has plagued our beaches. This amount actually represents a considerable decrease, as last July an average of 100 to 110 tons of sargassum reached the coasts of Solidaridad.

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It is worth mentioning that currently one of the local coastal locations most impacted by the macro algae landfall is the area known as “El Recodo” beach. Here, continuous monitoring is maintained with the support of biologists and the Department of the Environment in order to verify its environmental impact.

Simultaneously, the Secretariat of the Navy (SEMAR) carries out sargassum collection tasks in the high seas through specialized collection vessels operating in conjunction with a series of containment barriers.

These collection and removal efforts contribute to the fight against sargassum that the government of Solidaridad has been carrying out in cooperation with ZOFEMAT in order to safeguard the integrity of the beaches and to promote economic reactivation to benefit of the residents of Solidaridad.

Source: Palco Quintanarroense