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Playa del Carmen Small Hotels Struggle at 30% Occupancy

Small hotels in the city center of Playa del Carmen are reporting occupancy rates between 30 and 40%, which is significantly lower than the expected figures for this season. Offner Arjona, the president of the Association of Small Hotels in Playa del Carmen, has commented on this situation.

Arjona explained that these low occupancy rates have led to a reduction in prices. The hotels are essentially struggling to stay afloat, using their resources to cover ongoing expenses and maintain operations.

"Occupancy has been on a steep decline since Easter week and the last week of April. Now in May, we're seeing even lower numbers than we had predicted," Arjona said.

He added that while low seasons are a regular occurrence in the industry, this year's drop in occupancy and rates has hit them particularly hard. This is due to the additional pressures of rising costs and inflation.

Arjona pointed out that prices are dictated by supply and demand. The presence of vacation rentals offering very low rates makes it difficult for them to adjust their prices. Instead, they have to adapt to the prevailing market forces.

He also noted that operating costs for vacation rentals are not the same as those for small hotels. Costs such as payroll, salary increases, vacations, and other benefits impact small hotel owners differently than other small accommodation providers.

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Arjona also highlighted that federal, state, and municipal taxes have increased by 25 to 30% compared to previous years. "It's the accumulation of these factors that create a heavier burden for the small business owner," he said.