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Severed Human Head with Message Found in Playa del Carmen

Authorities have not yet found the rest of the cadaver.

PLAYA DEL CARMEN – The discovery of a severed human head accompanied by a warning message on Sunday afternoon caused a wide mobilization of practically all the police and security, civil and military personnel operating in Playa del Carmen.


At around 4:30 pm on Sunday, the discovery of a human head was reported to the 911 emergency number. The object was found near the corner of Calle 5 sur and 85th Avenue in the Ejidal neighborhood.

Elements of the Municipal Preventive Police were in charge of cordoning off the area to confirm the discovery and then notified the ministerial authorities.

A public prosecutor and elements of the special services arrived on the scene to raise the human head and a piece of paper, which apparently contained a message. The evidence that was incorporated into the investigation folder.

Authorities did not locate the rest of the body.

Source: El Punto Sobre la i

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