Shocking Murder of Tamales Vendor Rocks Yucatan – Full Story Inside

In a tragic incident, a woman, believed to be a tamale vendor, was killed outside a condominium in the Paseos del Mar neighborhood on Saturday night. Unofficial reports suggest the incident occurred at 8:30 p.m. on Isla Pascua street, near block 79.

Eyewitnesses reported that the woman was intercepted by individuals on motorcycles who shot her, causing her immediate death. Local residents suggested that the woman was known for selling tamales at various locations in the area. This has led to speculations that the attack could have been a retaliation for not paying a "protection fee".

Red Cross paramedics arrived at the scene but left shortly after confirming the woman's death. The area was subsequently cordoned off by the police, and forensic experts from the State Attorney General's Office were called in to process the crime scene.

The woman's body was moved to the Forensic Medical Service for a compulsory autopsy and will be returned to her family. As of now, there have been no arrests in connection to this case.

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