An empty classroom with rows of individual desks, each paired with a red, green, or blue chair, and a whiteboard at the front.

“Playa del Carmen Schools Face Closure as Families Flock to Tulum”

Schools in the downtown and tourist areas of Playa del Carmen are set to close several classes due to a dwindling student population. This is largely attributed to the growth of nearby cities such as Tulum and Bacalar, where many families are choosing to send their children to school. This shift has resulted in a decreased demand for schools in downtown Playa del Carmen.

Local officials have noted that the population movement towards Tulum and Bacalar is due to their recent growth and development. However, it's not all bad news for the education sector in Playa del Carmen. In areas like Villas del Sol, where demand is on the rise, new classes are set to be opened.

Plans are underway to open new classes in the Villas del Sol area to accommodate the growing demand. "We are working on increasing the number of classrooms and groups in this area," an official confirmed.

In addition, renovations are planned for schools in the Solidaridad area. These will be carried out at the end of the school year to minimize disruption to students' classes.

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