Restaurant Sells Hamburgers to Support Local Animal Shelter

The Burger Underground in Puerto Morelos welcomed guests to buy the ‘Riki Burger’ to help the Riviera Rescue animal shelter.

Good works should always be recognized and supported. In this case it is a local fast food restaurant located in Puerto Morelos. During the month of June, The Burger Underground created and sold the ‘Riki Burger’ in order to raise funds to feed and support the shelter animals in Riviera Rescue. The burger was so named for one of the shelter’s well known residents, Riki.


“The Riki Burger of the Month for June will not only feed you, it will help feed the Riviera Rescue dogs as well. The proceeds of the sales will go to buy bags of dog food. “, The Burger Underground restaurant published on its social media channels during the first days of last month.

The toppings for that burger were pepper jack cheese, grilled onions and jalapeños, bacon, and mayonnaise.

Restaurant donates proceeds to the Riviera Rescue animal shelter

At the end of June, The Burger Underground delivered on its promise. Through the rescue’s social media networks, Riviera Rescue animal shelter announced that they had received the funds to purchase food for the animals in residence.

“Today we want to thank our friends at The Burger Underground for their promotion that they carried out throughout the month of June to help the furry people of our refuge,” said activist Matteo Saucedo, from Riviera Rescue.

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He highlighted that with the promotion of the restaurant, “13 thousand pesos were collected, which will help us a lot to buy food and pay some veterinary bills.”

“Thank you very much to everyone who ordered their Riki Burger and helped the cause and, above all, special thanks to Joe Wlodarczyk who is the owner of the business. Although he does not like to have his photo taken, he is always doing something to help the furry ones”, Saucedo wrote.

Source: La Verdad Noticias