A smiling young woman holding up a gold and a bronze medal, standing in a room with blurred people in the background.

Quintana Roo Chess Prodigy Strikes Gold & Bronze at National Championships

The Quintana Roo chess team recently completed their participation in the 2024 CONADE Nationals, securing two medals. Playa del Carmen's own Valeria García Gómez clinched both a gold medal in the classic category and a bronze medal in the Swiss tournament. These matches took place in Carmen City, Campeche.

With these wins, Quintana Roo's total medal count has reached 56, including 16 golds, 13 silvers, and 27 bronzes. This places them high on the overall medal table for the competition.

"I'm thrilled," said García Gómez, who is the national champion in the Classic category and the bronze medalist in the Swiss tournament for the Sub-20 category. "I've been waiting for the gold medal, and the bronze was a pleasant surprise. I managed to keep my nerves under control and handle the pressure."

García Gómez credits her success to the experience she gained from competing in several tournaments. This experience helped her maintain focus, balance, and a high level of play in the Nationals. "Everything contributed to these results," she said.

It's worth noting that García Gómez's gold medal in the Classic category and her bronze medal in the three-minute blitz specialty were both hard-won. She achieved a total of 4 points in a three-way tie, outperforming competitors from Tabasco and earning a spot on the podium.

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In the process, she surpassed players from the State of Mexico, Tamaulipas, and Nuevo Leon, securing third place in the women's division. She was only outperformed by players from Queretaro and Michoacan.

This year, Quintana Roo's chess team had its best performance yet, largely thanks to García Gómez's success in the Sub-20 category. Under the guidance of her coach, Ivan Vargas, she has added these medals to her impressive university chess career.