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Rural Inequality Exposed in Puerto Morelos: A Mayoral Candidate’s Urgent Call

In Puerto Morelos, a stark contrast exists between the thriving tourist sector and the underdeveloped rural areas. Despite the municipality's significant growth in recent years, this prosperity has not been evenly distributed, leading to a worrying disparity in opportunities and resources.

Fernanda Alvear, a mayoral candidate representing the PAN-PRI alliance, has pointed out this inequality. She notes that while the tourist region boasts modern infrastructure and high-quality services, the rural areas, such as Leona Vicario, face a different reality. Here, access to essential services like education, health, and employment is limited, creating a cycle of disadvantage for the local population.

The neglect of the rural area's needs not only adversely affects its residents' quality of life but also hinders the municipality's overall potential for comprehensive development. Alvear underlines the pressing need for policies that address this divide and foster a more balanced distribution of resources and opportunities.

With this in mind, Alvear proposes an inclusive strategy that engages all parties, from the local government to tourism entrepreneurs and community leaders. The goal is to create sustainable solutions that encourage equitable growth across the entire municipality.

Alvear emphasizes that her campaign is committed to defending the interests of all Puerto Morelos' citizens. She aims to address key issues such as healthcare, improved working conditions for police, public lighting, and the promotion of public works.

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