Puerto Morelos Ramps Up Efforts to Prevent COVID Infections

PUERTO MORELOS – In anticipation of the summer vacation period, the Municipal Government of Puerto Morelos is reinforcing sanitary measures among tourists and the general population. According to Juanita Chacón Canché, who is in charge of the office of the Municipal Secretariat for Social Development, actions are being taken to help mitigate possible new infections of COVID-19.


“It is very important to continue to enforce sanitary measures such as the correct use of face masks, the application of antibacterial gel and constant hand washing, which are the basic actions to prevent coronavirus infections. For this reason, we rely on the state program with teams young people in yellow caps and vests, posted in areas where there is a greater influx of people, ” she reported.

The municipal official indicated that the strategic points that have been targeted are those that present the greatest movement of people, both visitors and residents, such as beach access points, transport stops, the municipal palace and self-service stores, among others.

The work is essential, she said. It is necessary to reiterate that the use of face masks is mandatory on public roads In the event that people do not have a mask, one will be provided as well as antibacterial gel.

“Given the increase in infections that have been registered in Quintana Roo in recent weeks, we are strengthening preventative measures in the municipality. Only by working as a team will we be able to face this disease,” explained Juanita Chacón.

She also emphasized that they are counting on cooperation of local citizens, as the influx of visitors to the destination will increase in the coming weeks.

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Municipal Secretary of Public Safety and Traffic, Gumercindo Jiménez Cuervo, commented that as an additional measure to face the pandemic, teams will continue to distribute plastic masks as they did this Friday in the Super Aki square, with some help from the animated character “Polipuerto”.

“It is time to join efforts, government, citizens and private business, to keep Puerto Morelos the number of COVID-19 cases in Puerto Morelos trending low. We must follow the indications and protocols set by the health authorities and encourage people to protect themselves and to protect their family, ” he stated. 

Source: NotiCaribe