Three individuals standing side by side holding signs and flowers during a peaceful protest with text on signs advocating for peace.

Peace March in Puerto Morelos to Combat Violence

In response to a series of violent incidents in Puerto Morelos over the past two weeks, mayoral candidate Mirely Vargas Saucedo has organized a peace march. She insists that this is not a campaign act, but a response to the growing fear among residents about their safety.

Vargas Saucedo, representing the Citizen Movement (MC), suspended her campaign activities to participate in the march. The event concluded with an offering outside the Municipal Secretariat of Public Security and Traffic (SMSPyT).

Through her social media, Vargas Saucedo invited residents to join the peaceful demonstration. The march began at the Issac Hamui Sports Unit, located in the Villas Morelos II subdivision. Here, Fernanda Alvear, a candidate from the Institutional Revolutionary Parties (PRI) and National Action (PAN), held a meeting with residents who were also invited to the march. However, Alvear and her team continued with their campaign activities.

Vargas Saucedo emphasized that the march was not a campaign event. She stated that it was not about political affiliation, but about the community's concern for their safety and the authorities' lack of effective strategies to combat crime.

The march was prompted by recent violent incidents, including an armed attack on a 16-year-old in the Joaquín Zetina Gazca neighborhood. The State General Prosecutor's Office (FGE) has yet to make progress in investigating this case. On May 1st, another resident from the Villas la Playa subdivision was fatally shot upon arriving home. These incidents were the catalysts for the peace march.