The entrance sign of Tulum, with the word 'TULUM' in large letters, surrounded by lush greenery, signaling the entrance to the archaeological site in Mexico.

“Breaking News: Phone Coverage Now Extended to Tulum Airport!”

Residents of Muyil village were pleasantly surprised to find that phone coverage has been extended from Tulum to the entrance of the international airport, Felipe Carrillo Puerto. This is a significant development for the local community who have been without this service for many years.

However, from the new airport to the city of Felipe Carrillo Puerto, phone coverage is still absent. This area, often referred to as the "zone of silence", poses a risk to travelers who may need to make emergency calls.

Following the inauguration of the Tulum airport, efforts were made to establish phone coverage for the terminal. Previously, the signal was only available up to the intersection with federal highway 307.

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