Only 1000 Out of Several Million Tourists Test Positive for COVID-19

So far in 2021, the State of Quintana Roo reported just one thousand instances of positive COVID-19 test results out of the several million tourists received in this first half of the year. The most recent cases have been in groups of students from Bolivia with a group of 26 and 500 students who last week traveled to Cancun from Puebla.


Previously, there was a massive contagion brought in with a group of students from Argentina. Of the 149 young people, at least 70 tested positive for COVID-19 when visiting Cancun in March. They were diagnosed upon their return to Buenos Aires, after obtaining negative or fraudulent results from a laboratory in Cancun operating without permits and without the adequate equipment to administer the tests properly.

The State Secretary ensures that the epidemiological traffic light in the area has not changed from orange despite the increase in positive cases. The reason for this he explained is that the semiforo not only takes into account the increase in cases, but also the speed of infection and the capacity of the hospital service. The state’s daily report registered 322 new cases last weekend.

“It is necessary to continue working on preventive measures, so as not to reach an increase in hospital occupancy. We are in orange. We are taking risks. We need to improve all levels of prevention, ”said the Governor of Quintana Roo, Carlos Joaquín González.

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Source: Reportatur