New Tulum Airport to be Located in Felipe Carrillo Puerto

The information was made public during President Lopez Obrador’s visit last Friday. The land where the state’s new airport will be built is in Felipe Carrillo Puerto.

The new airport of Quintana Roo, one part of the infrastructure projects planned by the Federal Government, will be located in the municipality of Felipe Carrillo Puerto and not in Tulum, as originally stated.


The information was made public during the visit of President Andrés Manuel López Obrador to the state last Friday.

A meeting was held in the naval zone of Tulum with local and state government officials, regarding the projects that the federal government is currently pursuing in the state. At that time it was revealed that the land where the airport is going to be built is in the municipality of Felipe Carrillo Puerto.

Tulum Airport Location Revealed

Originally it had been said that the airport would be located in the area of Tulum. However, the map showing the location of the land showed that it is actually about 15 kilometers south of Tulum, in the municipality of Felipe Carrillo Puerto.

Regardless, it will still be within the area where it was originally intended to be built, and is anticipated to bring a boost for traffic for the municipality with potential for increased income and opportunity for economic development for Felipe Carrillo Puerto, located in the south of the state.

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Another of the points discussed at the meeting related to the work on the Tren Maya (Mayan Train). The state petitioned the President to make the Cancun-Tulum section available by May 2023 at the latest.

Another point discussed was the support committed by López Obrador for the thorough repair of Colosio Boulevard, which is one of the main requests of the state and the tourism sector.

Source: Palco Noticias