A group of men, some in police uniform, standing in front of a banner announcing a new police station, with trees in the background.

“New Police Base Donation Boosts Security in Muyil! Click to See State-of-the-Art Facility”

Local landowners in Muyil have generously donated a plot of land for the construction of a new police base. This move is set to significantly bolster security in the region. The donation was formally received by Rear Admiral Julio César Gómez Torres, the Secretary of Citizen Security.

The new plot will be home to a state-of-the-art operations base for the State Police. This will enable a stronger police presence in the area, providing officers with enhanced tools to perform their duties. The new base will also play a crucial role in strengthening crime prevention measures and combating delinquency in the region.

The donated land measures 25 by 50 meters and is conveniently located approximately 300 meters from the Tulum-Felipe Carrillo Puerto federal highway.

During the handover ceremony, local Maya lawyer Javier Tun Jiménez emphasized the necessity of bolstering security in the rapidly growing Muyil. With the upcoming arrival of the Tulum International Airport and a station for the Maya Train, the need for increased security measures is paramount.

The property titles were handed over to the State Secretary of Citizen Security, Julio César Torres Gómez, by Jacinto Canul Pacheco, president of the Ejidal Commissariat. He was joined by Gaudencio Cen May, deputy of Chunyaxché, and Amelia Aké Méndez, deputy of Cecilio Chi.

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Gómez Torres underscored the importance of having a base from the Secretary of Security that can effectively cover the entire state and ensure the safety and security of its citizens.