A group of construction workers in safety gear gathered around a pickup truck under a bridge structure with construction materials and equipment.

National Guard Patrol Car Used as Food Stand in Playa del Carmen

Images have surfaced on social media showing National Guard members allegedly selling food and drinks to Tren Maya employees. The photos depict a National Guard patrol car, unit number 27922, being used as a makeshift food stand for workers.

In one picture, a woman is seen removing food and drinks from coolers in the patrol car, presumably to sell to the workers. The items on offer included tacos, sandwiches, soft drinks, biscuits, snacks, and cigarettes. At least two individuals in official uniforms were present at the scene.

This unusual use of an official vehicle sparked a variety of responses on social media. Many questioned the appropriateness of using a vehicle intended for public safety in such a manner. Critics argued that it was inappropriate for a vehicle meant for public safety to be used for personal business or activities unrelated to its official duties.

Others defended the National Guard, suggesting they were simply providing food for the workers. However, detractors pointed out that feeding workers is not the role of the National Guard, an organization established by the current Federal Government to bolster security nationwide.

As of yet, the National Guard has not issued an official statement about the incident. It's worth noting that just this week, 200 National Guard and Mexican Army members were deployed to the city of Chetumal. Their mission is to tackle the rising insecurity in the capital and rural communities of the Othón P. Blanco municipality, following a spike in violence over the past three days.