A swirling water formation in the ocean, indicative of a whirlpool or strong current.

Mysterious Underwater Spring Emerges in Cozumel Sea

Yesterday, Civil Protection shared a fascinating video captured by trained divers. The footage revealed a "water spring" in the sea surrounding the island, believed to be a result of recent rainfall naturally running off towards the coast. This unusual event was first noticed near the municipality's nautical service pier, where fishermen observed water emerging from the sea. Expert divers were then dispatched to investigate this phenomenon, capturing underwater footage of the natural spectacle and the hole from which it originated in the seafloor.

The initial images of the water spring sparked a variety of reactions. Some locals speculated that it might be a drain outlet, a theory that was quickly dismissed by the video evidence. Long-time employees from nearby jewelry stores and craft shops suggested it was a freshwater spring. They hypothesized that when the freshwater mixes with the saltwater, it creates a sort of suction vortex.

However, those with more knowledge on the subject propose a different explanation. They believe it's the result of underground rivers that give rise to springs in the middle of the sea. In this scenario, the freshwater from the rain rises to the surface without mixing with the saltwater due to their differing densities.

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Water spring in Cozumel

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