Mexico Launches COVID-19 Vaccination Certificate

The official certificate will offer proof of vaccination that can be used for multiple applications.

The Undersecretary of Prevention and Health Promotion, Hugo López-Gatell, reported this Tuesday, July 6, 2021 that the COVID-19 vaccination certificates are now available online. This is the official proof for people to verify that they have been vaccinated.

“If you want to have an official proof that you have been vaccinated and with what vaccine and on what dates it is here. It is a different page but very simple to remember, There you enter your CURP, and the data is retracted to generate the certificate.”, explained the official at the morning press conference of President Andrés Manuel López Obrador .

During the press conference, a video explaining how to obtain the vaccination certificate was broadcast.

You can navigate to the COVID-19 certificate page by clicking here. Your CURP must then be entered.


You will be sent an email. Within the message there will be two links. The user must click on the first one to see the certificate. If an error is detected, click on the second link to report the errors. The system will ask to fill in the required data and attach the vaccination slip.

Hugo López-Gatell stated that it was decided to issue the official certificate because it is a general proof that can be useful for multiple purposes.

“There is a very small segment of the population, very small, that has the need to travel to other countries. In some countries, particularly in the European region, travel restrictions are already being put in place and people who cannot demonstrate that they have been vaccinated are not permitted in. They cannot travel.”, he explained.

He said that these restrictions do little for public health, but it was considered necessary for Mexicans to have a document that facilitates travel if necessary.

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He said that one quality of the certificate is that it is official and that it has a QR code that allows verification in real time by any immigration authority.

He added that with this QR code, the registration of the Mexican Government database is accessed. It produces three random pieces of data that are being rotated from the certificate itself, which helps to validate it. The immigration officer can see in real time that the certificate is authentic.

The vaccination document may not be required as a condition of employment.

“It would not be appropriate for an employer in Mexico to ask for the certificate and to deny employment if the certificate cannot be produced, whether the person is already employed or not. That would not be appropriate. It would be contrary to Mexican laws and therefore the certificate should not be used in Mexico as a condition of employment ”, López-Gatell emphasized.

Source: Televisa.NEWS