A logo reading "Nuevo Uxmal Hoteles Tren Maya" next to an artistic rendering of a thatched-roof traditional Mayan style building with a circular driveway and tropical landscaping.

“Sneak Peek: President López Obrador’s Visit to Uxmal Hotel Project”

Mexico's President, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, is currently in Yucatán to monitor the progress of several additional projects linked to the Maya Train, including a new hotel in Uxmal, a community in the Santa Elena municipality. The President initiated his tour on Friday in Campeche, where he boarded the Maya Train to assess its operations.

About the Uxmal hotel project:
The hotel is strategically located 8.8 km from the Nuevo Uxmal archeological site. The goal of this project is to promote a sustainable culture that values the harmonious coexistence of humans, nature, and all living beings. The hotel will feature 160 master rooms and a sustainable architectural design that prioritizes environmental quality and energy efficiency. The building materials will be sourced locally and will be complemented by traditional masonry techniques. Light covers made from artificial materials will also be used to enhance the hotel's aesthetic appeal.

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