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Mexican President Reveals Shocking Rise of Criminal Gangs in Untouched Regions

Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador has acknowledged the increasing presence of criminal groups in regions previously untouched by such activity. One such region is Cozumel, where crime is escalating due to the movements of these criminal gangs.

López Obrador suggests that the increase in crime in these areas is often due to confrontations between rival gangs. He referred to a video released by a group of armed, masked men claiming they were arriving on the island of Quintana Roo to "bring order".

In response to this growing threat, the President emphasized the importance of addressing the root causes of crime. He reiterated the need to reject individualism, materialism, and cheap luxury, and to understand that true happiness lies in being at peace with oneself, one's conscience, and one's neighbors.

When asked about the government's response to the escalating violence and the extent to which it has been willing to compromise to prevent massacres, López Obrador stated, "We, the citizens, all human beings, have the obligation to avoid violence and we are progressing."

He refuted the idea that criminal groups are operating freely, stating, "It is not like before." He expressed concern about containment efforts, specifically mentioning the deployment of a special group of about a thousand elements in Chiapas, with similar efforts underway in Tabasco and Quintana Roo.

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In May, it was reported that Cozumel had begun to experience an unprecedented surge in violence since 2021. This followed the arrival of members of the Jalisco New Generation Cartel, who were seeking control of drug sales and clashing with local criminal organizations.

The President emphasized that the most important aspect of their strategy is addressing the root causes of crime, ensuring young people stay in school, and families maintain their income. He also mentioned the government's efforts to support and protect families that have been forced to leave their homes due to violence.

When questioned about the lack of official figures on the number of people displaced by violence, the President assured that these numbers are being compiled and will be presented soon. He insisted that the government has nothing to hide and is committed to transparency, stating, "Everything we have, we do not hide information, public life has to be increasingly public and all the information about what happens is given".