A shirtless man in blue swim trunks walks along a beach with seaweed as workers in the background clean up the seaweed accumulation on the shore.

“Secret Strategy Unveiled: Mexican Caribbean Hotels Battle Sargassum Season”

Hoteliers in the Mexican Caribbean are gearing up for the sargassum season. They aim to minimize the impact of the seaweed on both the dunes and the tourism industry. The hotel sector has already started employing sargassum collectors to manage the influx of seaweed banks. Meanwhile, the Secretary of the Navy is deploying containment nets from Mahahual and Puerto Morelos.

Jesús Almaguer, president of the Caribbean Mexican Hotel Council and leader of the Cancun, Puerto Morelos, and Isla Mujeres Hotel Association (AHCPM&IM), confirmed this strategy. He indicated that the plan to contain the sargassum was developed and designed months ago in collaboration with the Admiral of the Naval Region. Anti-sargassum barriers have already begun to be installed.

Almaguer noted that while there have been no significant issues with sargassum in the northern part of the state, nets are being positioned from Puerto Morelos and Mahahual. Once the bans are in place in the waters of the Mexican Caribbean, the sargassum collectors will be activated to contain the seaweed within the sea, which should yield better results.

Almaguer acknowledged the effectiveness of this containment strategy, stating that it has had a positive impact on the area. He expressed confidence that as patches of sargassum appear, the containment nets would be positioned accordingly.

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The hotel industry is actively recruiting sargassum collectors. Almaguer pointed out that this initiative has created up to 300 direct jobs to address the ongoing issue.

The Sargassum Monitoring Network, which operates year-round on social media, reports that for now, most of the Quintana Roo coastline is clean and green-lit. Some patches of sargassum have appeared mainly on the Solidaridad coast, but these are being managed effectively and have not impacted tourism.

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