Five professionals posing for a photo at a CCERM event, standing in front of promotional banners.

“Exclusive: Mayuli Martínez Reveals Bold Plans for Riviera Maya Revival”

Senate candidate Mayuli Martínez Simón recently outlined her proposals to Riviera Maya entrepreneurs. She emphasized the need to reactivate promotional funds that were previously cancelled by the Morena government and the Green Party.

Martínez Simón, who is running for senator in Quintana Roo as part of the Fuerza y Corazón por México coalition, met with the Riviera Maya Business Coordination Council (CCERM) in Playa del Carmen. There, she discussed her plans to restore the promotional funds, as well as addressing issues of mobility, beach recovery, and sargassum.

She also spoke about initiatives in the tourism sector, noting the importance of revitalizing industries that have suffered during the current term. "Quintana Roo is facing significant challenges in terms of tourism promotion and economic development, especially with the elimination of funds for programs like Pueblos Mágicos and the disappearance of Fonatur," Martínez Simón said.

The candidate also discussed her shared vision with presidential candidate Xóchitl Gálvez Ruiz. She emphasized the importance of a future where Quintana Roo receives the necessary support for growth and prosperity. "I am convinced that under the leadership of Xóchitl Gálvez as the new president of Mexico, we can make profound reflections on what can be achieved for our state," she added.

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Martínez Simón expressed her gratitude to the Riviera Maya Business Coordination Council for their consideration of her proposals. She reiterated her commitment to the development and well-being of Quintana Roo.