A modern green and gray train moving on newly laid train tracks surrounded by lush green trees with construction workers by the side.

“Mayan Train Sparks Real Estate Frenzy in Southeast Mexico”

Southeastern Mexico is witnessing a significant surge in real estate development, making it a promising region for property investment. This growth is largely attributed to the ongoing construction of the Mayan Train, a major railway project in the region. As the railway construction progresses, new real estate developments are springing up in the surrounding jungle areas.

Environmental activist Elias Siebenborn has recently documented the emergence of new subdivisions in the heart of the jungle. His photographs show the clearing of trees on a plot near the Playa del Carmen dump. Siebenborn warns that land subdivision and selling are becoming increasingly common in the area.

LUUMO Real Estate is one of the companies capitalizing on this development boom, with at least 16 land sale projects in subdivisions near Merida and Cancun. Another development, Amares in Playa del Carmen, has been the subject of controversy as local Mayan inhabitants allege dispossession of their lands by the real estate company promoting the residential area.

The real estate platform Lamudi confirms that southeastern Mexico is experiencing significant growth, driven by large-scale projects such as the Mayan Train, the Tulum airport, port expansion, and improved roads. These developments are contributing to a real estate boom in the region.

Real estate companies and developers predict that the Mayan Train, which will enable travel between Cancun and Tulum in less than 25 minutes, will further boost housing values in the area. Propier, another developer, also emphasizes the benefits of investing along the Mayan Train route.