Emergency personnel and vehicles at a nighttime incident scene cordoned off with yellow tape, with the words "FUERTES IMÁGENES" indicating strong images or content.

SHOCKING: Man Shot in Cancún Makes Dramatic Escape to Gas Station

In a shocking incident last night, a man was fatally shot in the ribs in Cancún's El Milagro neighborhood. Despite his injuries, he managed to make his way to a nearby gas station before collapsing and succumbing to his injuries.

The incident occurred around 23:30, prompting a call to the 911 emergency center. The caller reported a need for authorities at La Gas, a gas station situated on José López Portillo avenue. Officers from the Citizen Security Secretariat were the first to arrive, accompanied by personnel from the Secretary of the Navy.

Upon arrival, they found the man, who was identified as a windscreen washer, lying in a pool of blood. Tragically, by the time paramedics from the Mexican Red Cross arrived, the man had already passed away.

At first, it was suspected that the man had fallen and hit his head, leading to his death. However, upon closer examination, authorities discovered a gunshot wound in his ribs.

This revelation led to the arrival of agents from the Homicide Specialized Prosecutor's Office. They initiated an investigation, gathering information from witnesses and reviewing security camera footage.

Forensic scientists were then called to the scene to handle the removal of the body.

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