SHOCKING: Man Arrested for Puppy Abuse!

A man, identified as Eddy Alfonso N., has been placed in preventive custody due to his alleged involvement in a crime against the environment and fauna. The incident involved the abuse of a female pitbull and took place in the State of Quintana Roo.

On February 21 of this year, it's reported that Eddy Alfonso N. took a pitbull named "Susy" from a house on 4th street with 20 in Playa del Carmen. He then transported her to another location in the city, where he allegedly abused her without reason. This resulted in injuries to Susy's legs and chest. After the abuse, he abandoned her on 42nd and 44th street, where she was later rescued by her owner.

The owner filed a complaint with the Prosecutor's Office Specialized in Combating Environmental Crimes, Fauna, and Urban Development. This led to the initiation of an investigation. The judicial authority subsequently issued an arrest warrant for Eddy Alfonso N., which was executed by the Investigation Police in the Misión Villamar 1 subdivision, in the municipality of Solidaridad.

During the arraignment hearing, the Prosecutor's Office presented evidence against Eddy Alfonso N. As a result, a control judge decided to link him to the process. He will remain in preventive prison for the duration of the trial.