A woman speaks into a microphone at an event with banners of sponsors in the background. She is making a hand gesture while speaking.

“Majo Osorio Vows to Boost Tourism and Business in Solidaridad”

Majo Osorio, a candidate running for local deputy in district 10 under the coalition "Let's Keep Making History for Quintana Roo", has announced plans to integrate the business agenda into her legislative work. Her goal is to enhance Solidaridad as a tourist destination, focusing on the comfort of both visitors and residents.

During a meeting with the Business Coordinating Council (CCE), Osorio shared her proposals and took the opportunity to understand the needs of the business sector. She emphasized the necessity of creating legislation for comprehensive sargassum management and reducing noise levels in tourist areas. Alongside Tepy Gutiérrez, a candidate for district 9, Osorio pledged to support initiatives in Congress that foster green environments in urban development areas. This is part of a broader aim to improve the quality of life for Quintana Roo residents.

Osorio expressed her gratitude to the business leaders for their input and assured them of her commitment to transforming their concerns into beneficial laws for Solidaridad. She reiterated her dedication to the progress of the municipality.

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