People enjoying a sunny day on a beach with lounge chairs, palm trees, and boats on the water

“Beach Cleanup Teams Battle Sargassum On Majahual Coast!”

Large quantities of Sargassum seaweed have started washing up on the Maya coast in Quintana Roo over the weekend. This has raised concerns among tourist service providers about the potential impact on the area. In response, beach cleaning crews and temporary employment program staff are ramping up their efforts to keep the beaches pristine and prevent the seaweed from affecting tourism.

The town's mayor, William Calderón Sánchez, highlighted the importance of preserving the destination's image to ensure a steady influx of tourists, particularly during the slower months of May and June. Despite these efforts, the existing Sargassum barriers have been inadequate in containing the seaweed. As a result, work is in progress to extend the protection to other areas where a higher concentration of seaweed has been found.

The primary goal of these efforts is to prevent the presence of Sargassum from disrupting the region's economic activity. Additionally, they aim to maintain a positive image to attract visitors during the upcoming summer season.

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