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Lili Campos’ Safety Enhancements Receive Rave Reviews – Municipal Election Buzz

Residents of the El Tigrillo neighborhood have voiced their support for Lili Campos, who is running for municipal president of Solidaridad in the "Strength and Heart for Quintana Roo" alliance. They believe that Campos is the best candidate to continue enhancing security and services, citing the significant progress made in less than three years.

During a meeting with the residents, Campos outlined her plans for the future. She promised to increase the number of police cars to 500 to ensure a stronger presence on the streets. She also pledged to keep the municipality well-lit and safe with additional street lamps and a thousand surveillance cameras.

She noted that surveillance cameras have already been installed on fifth avenue, on local beaches, municipal streets, the federal highway, and at police checkpoints. Campos also plans to construct two additional checkpoints equipped with advanced technology at the Tulum and Puerto Morelos limits to further secure the municipality.

Residents of Tigrillo, including Olinka Garcia, have acknowledged the significant improvements Campos has made in their neighborhood. They, along with many others across the city, have expressed their intention to vote for Campos in the upcoming election on June 2nd, viewing her as a trusted ally of the citizens.


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