A group of people wearing orange attire and accessories energetically cheering outdoors near a convenience store with signs and flags, expressing team spirit and unity.

Jorge Portilla Vows to Transform Tulum with New Sports Facilities and Parks

During a visit to the public market Ca’axihil and the community of Akumal, Jorge Portilla, the candidate for the municipal presidency of Tulum from Movimiento Ciudadano, pledged to renovate all public spaces in the neighborhoods and communities. He emphasized that for residents to enjoy a dignified and fulfilling life, service, social, and recreational spaces must be in optimal conditions. This would allow families to take pride in their city or community and enjoy these spaces comfortably.

Portilla further stated that public areas will not only be refurbished but new ones will also be created. He acknowledged that Tulum has grown and can no longer be neglected.

Addressing concerns from elderly citizens and beneficiaries of welfare programs, he reassured them that the assistance they currently receive will not be taken away. He quoted them saying, "son, we know you, you are a good human being, always willing to help your fellow men, but we are afraid that they will take away the help that they give us."

In conclusion, Portilla expressed his belief that tourist entrepreneurs possess the strength to unite and save Tulum.

Edited by: Fernando Sierra

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