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Jorge Portilla Vows Road Upkeep & Solar Expansion in Tulum – Click to Discover

Jorge Portilla, a mayoral candidate for Tulum from the Orange Movement, has pledged regular maintenance of the access road to Punta Allen. The road has been a consistent issue for both tourists and residents, making travel to the community difficult.

"We need to maintain the dirt road," Portilla stated to local residents. "We'll purchase machinery and equipment for regular upkeep. This will allow for the expansion of tourist services and improvement of your income."

Locals remember Portilla's selfless involvement in the construction of the dirt road during Mario Villanueva Madrid's governorship. They expressed frustration that despite regulations preventing pavement in the Sian Ka'an Biosphere Reserve, over 48 foreigners have managed to construct hostels and mansions, seemingly bypassing legal restrictions.

Addressing the issue of electricity, Portilla proposed expanding the photovoltaic system to enhance the energy capacity. This would allow the system to meet the power consumption needs of the community and nearby hotels.

"In a government of the citizens, this issue will be resolved," Portilla assured the locals. "We will also tackle the water supply issue by renewing the existing network. We are committed to the people and I stand by my word."

On matters of culture and sports, Portilla expressed support for a group of young people who transformed an abandoned building into a sports and cultural center. He promised to refurbish the park and multipurpose court to promote healthy growth for children and young people.

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He also pledged regular maintenance for schools and public buildings, and promised to provide medical services seven days a week.