tulum protest

Invaders Clash with Police in Tulum

Suspected land invaders clashed with police in Tulum, state police sources reported.

TULUM – Traffic in the city ​​of Tulum remained at a standstill for almost five hours in the midst of vehicular chaos, due to several blockades perpetrated by dozens of invaders, who yesterday morning had been evicted from properties within the “Nassim Joaquín” settlement.

tulum protest

What began as an eviction of the illegal occupation of land, ended in protests by 140 families, who initially blocked the entrances and exits of the city of Tulum, and later staged a rampage with anti-riot police from the Quintana Roo State Police.

At approximately 10:00am, the Quintana Roo State Police, accompanied by the National Guard and the Secretariat of National Defense, went to Avenue Prolongación Satélite Sur, by order of prosecutors from the Public Ministry of the Property Crimes area, to carry out the eviction of a group of people who invaded a property more than five years ago.

In the judicial activity, heavy machinery was used for the collapse of the first houses.

This situation caused unrest among the invaders, who first tried to dialogue with the authorities. However, when they did not find a response, their spirits heated up, and with stones, sticks, bottles and everything they found in their path they attacked the Quintana Roo State Police officers.

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This situation caused the closure of the highway in the Tulum – Boca Paila section, in the area of of Calle Mercurio. Later, the protesters moved to the intersection of Avenues Tulum and Cobá (the main entry and exit route), as well as the Tulum-Cobá highway, in the area of Calle Oko’ot.

When there was no response to their requests, they closed these intersections for four and a half hours, so that no one could enter or leave the city .

At 4:40 pm, at least a hundred and fifty elements of the Quintana Roo State Police arrived on the scene of the blockade and asked the protesters to leave.

At the same time, a group of agents removed the ropes and wood that had been placed on the road to allow the passage of vehicle units. Although there was an outbreak of a fight, it only ended in a mess, without major consequences.

Minutes later, Carlos González Pacheco Vázquez, Undersecretary of Housing of the Secretariat of Sustainable Urban Territorial Development (SEDETUS) arrived, to attempt reach an agreement with the invaders. A petition document was signed which included the release of five people who they had been arrested during the brawl.

It was 5:50 pm when the roads were finally completely cleared. As of press time, the authorities had not made any statements in this regard.

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Source: SIPSE