Massive 2-Ton Illegal Fish Haul Seized in Yucalpetén!

In a joint operation, the Mexican Navy and Conapesca seized two tons of three different marine species from a vessel in the port of Yucalpetén. The seizure was due to the lack of necessary permits and the violation of the closed fishing season.

Upon inspection of the vessel named "Tiburón XIV", officials discovered approximately one thousand kilograms of red grouper, 700 kilograms of cubera, and 300 kilograms of nurse sharks. These were stored in a warehouse on the ship. In addition, 2,100 hooks and fish traps were found, which exceeded the quantity permitted by fishing licenses.

As a result of these violations, the vessel, the marine products, and the fishing equipment were all seized. The Attorney General's Office (FGR) has since opened an investigation into the matter. The four operators of the vessel have been handed over to the appropriate authorities.

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