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“Revolutionizing Health Care on Isla Mujeres: Meet Humberto Lara!”

Humberto Lara González, also known as “El Indio Blanco”, is running for municipal president of Isla Mujeres. He has identified a significant lack of specialist doctors and slow medical responses on the island. To address these issues, Lara plans to introduce a water ambulance service to expedite emergency medical care.

During his campaign, Lara has listened to the island's residents and their concerns. One of their primary complaints is the delay in receiving medical attention during emergencies. Lara has been serving his community for 25 years and is committed to improving these services. He believes that a water ambulance would be a valuable asset, ensuring that residents receive prompt medical assistance and can be quickly transported to a hospital or clinic if needed.

Lara also plans to build a round-the-clock clinic in Francisco May, complete with a resident doctor and a constant supply of medicines. He has also proposed the construction of a third-level hospital in continental Rancho Viejo, with a 24-hour ambulance service, to reduce the reliance on emergency units from Cancún.

Another key issue for Lara is the low wages of the local police force. He plans to increase their salaries and ensure that the families of officers who lose their lives in the line of duty are taken care of. Lara also intends to reintroduce neighborhood policing, a system in place many years ago where local residents were given uniforms, caps, whistles, and clubs to serve as watchmen for their communities.

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In addition to these improvements, Lara plans to donate his entire mayoral salary to establish community dining centers. These centers would provide hot meals for school children. He also aims to establish a university in Rancho Viejo to train locals for jobs within the municipality, reducing the outflow of workers. He is also encouraging local businesses to hire from within the Isla Mujeres community.

Lara concluded his campaign promises by saying, "The sun rises over the insular zone, but does not reach Rancho Viejo and the continental zone, the sun does not reach Francisco May; we are going to connect this social fabric, which is very important, and with hard work progress will come, because I, Humberto Lara, love my municipality".