A law enforcement officer walking towards a patrol vehicle parked on a rural road flanked by vegetation.

Shocking Discovery in Cancún Cenote: Human Remains Uncovered

In the Privadas Lak'in neighborhood of Cancún, a police blockade was established following the discovery of human remains within a cenote. The body was found yesterday but was only retrieved today due to the challenging conditions of the cenote.

The discovery was initially reported to emergency services via a 911 call received just after 2:00 pm yesterday. The caller provided the location of the body, which was found in an area near several construction sites in Region 258. Responding to the call, officials from the Forensic Services of the Prosecutor's Office of Quintana Roo arrived on the scene.

Upon reaching the site, the team quickly realized that they lacked the necessary equipment to extract the body from the cenote due to its depth and narrowness. Assistance was requested from the Cancún Fire Department, who arrived on the scene two hours later.

However, the diminishing natural light made it unfeasible to conduct the rescue operation. The decision was made to postpone the operation until the following morning.

At 10:00 am today, the operation resumed. The body, already in an advanced state of decomposition, was finally removed. Agents from the FGE were also present to secure the area and initiate the necessary investigations. Forensic experts from the Prosecutor's Office began collecting evidence from the site.

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Following the removal, the body was transported to the Forensic Medical Service facilities. Here, a legally required autopsy will be performed to determine the time and cause of death. A male shoe was found at the site and has been taken as potential evidence relating to the incident.