A man in a maroon shirt handing a rose to an elderly woman while another woman looks on with joy. They are all outdoors with bystanders in the background.

Gino Segura Champions Women’s Rights with New Initiatives

Senate candidate Gino Segura has reaffirmed his commitment to advocating for women's rights in collaboration with the upcoming President of Mexico, Claudia Sheinbaum. During a visit to the Island of the Swallows, Segura, who is running for the Sigamos Haciendo Historia Coalition, met with local mothers celebrating Mother's Day. The women listened intently as Segura outlined his plans to support Sheinbaum's initiatives from the Senate.

These initiatives include a 40-week program for pregnant women and a health promotion program for the first thousand days of a child's life. Segura also detailed plans to provide bi-monthly financial support to women aged 60 to 64, equivalent to half the pension received by those aged 65 and over.

While touring the CTM Colony, Segura shared his plans to promote the National Care System through the DIF. This initiative aims to reward those caring for children, the elderly, and people with disabilities, and to support women juggling work and caregiving responsibilities.

Segura concluded his visit by acknowledging the crucial role women play in society, at home, in politics, and in everyday life. He stressed the importance of recognizing and valuing their contributions. "It is women's time, and with Dr. Claudia Sheinbaum as President of Mexico, we will continue the Fourth Transformation," he said.