A close-up of a hydraulic breaker attachment breaking up paved tiles on a city street with debris scattered around and bystanders watching from the side.

Construction Nightmare: Gastronomic Corridor Sidewalks Crumble

Construction workers at the intersection of 60th and 45th street in downtown Mérida have been forced to remove sections of recently installed sidewalk. Photos circulating on social media show the new concrete squares beginning to crack, necessitating their removal with heavy machinery.

These concrete squares were initially laid from 59th street and stretched along 60th street to Santa Ana Park. The total amount of money wasted on the faulty work is currently unknown, as more concrete slabs scheduled for removal in the coming days were installed only a few months ago.

The project, part of the "Gastronomic Corridor", extends from the intersection of 61st and 60th street in downtown Mérida to Santa Ana Park. Workers began removing the damaged concrete structures on Monday afternoon, even though they have not yet been officially opened to the public.

This setback has delayed the completion of the project, which was originally scheduled for mid-April. Construction began in January and has since been a source of disruption for local businesses and traffic in the area.

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